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    Man Animal Conflict

    TitlePublished Date
    भटक कर आया हिरन-दैनिक जागरण06 December 2017
    गांव में पहुंचा हिरन का बच्चा कुत्तों ने किया हमला- अमर उजाला05 December 2017
    भैंसोड़ बलाय पहाड़ गांव में तेंदुए की दस्तक - दैनिक जागरण 27 November 2017
    बारासिंघा देख मचा हड़कंप- दैनिक जागरण 25 November 2017
    NGT junks plea against ESZ around Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary | PTI17 October 2017
    मगर गोह का शिकार कर रहे तीन बंदी- अमर उजाला 17 August 2017
    मीरजापुर में सड़क पर टहल रहा बड़ा अजगर- दैनिक जागरण 25 July 2017
    REPORT: Sloth Bears of Mirzapur- Assessment of Habitats, Man-Bear Conflict and Wildlife Corridors07 July 2017
    भालू से हो जाए सामना तो इन बातों का रखें ध्यान13 May 2017
    Tiger spotted in Marihan range of Mirzapur, trying to besiege it 2 men got injured18 March 2017
    Tribal injured by Sloth Bear in Songadha forests of Drammadganj range04 February 2017
    UPDATE: The 6th Cat Rescued in Mirzapur may be African Cat-SERVAL!11 January 2017
    Vindhya Bachao Exclusive: Are the Wild Cats Caught in Mirzapur Rare Species CARACAL?08 January 2017
    A Mugger Crocodile found Dragging again in Mirzapur10 July 2016
    UP Forest Department took note of Vindhya Bachao's Letter and Tweets, Expert's Team Rescues the Leopard01 June 2016
    Our Request to Mirzapur Forest Department regarding Ethical Capture of Leopard01 June 2016
    Mirzapur: A Mugger Crododile Brutally Dragged Out of Village (with Video)26 May 2016
    Wildlife of Mirzapur under severe threat from forest fire, dry water sources and human-animal conflict29 April 2016
    Another man injured by sloth bear in Drammadganj today!12 April 2016
    Sloth Bear conflict with human continues in Mirzapur, 2 injured and 1 dead in 2 separate incidents in April till now12 April 2016

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