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TitlePublished Date
Kanhar Dam: Another NGT Judgment Awaited04 February 2016
Kanhar Dam: After Tribals It’s Elephants Uprising in Sonbhadra27 December 2015
KANHAR DAM: Committee admits that their Report contains flaws and shortcomings, NGT gives last opportunity14 December 2015
Kanhar Dam: Petitioners Unsatisfied with the High Level Committee Report, NGT calls PCCF-U.P. to present before court10 December 2015
Short Review of the Report submitted by NGT Constituted Committee on Kanhar Dam06 December 2015
PCCF-Uttar Pradesh post is vacant, since the same day NGT issued Showcause Notice to him regarding Kanhar Dam29 September 2015
Kanhar Dam: PCCF-Uttar Pradesh issued Show Cause by NGT25 September 2015
Representation to MOEFCC Reg. Kanhar Barrage (New) in Jharkhand & Chhattisgarh 24 August 2015
Abandoned dams; abandoned people | India Water Portal19 May 2015
Why villagers protesting against UP dam project are living in fear : Hindustan Times 17 May 2015
DAMNED LIES AND RED TAPE | Sunday Hindustan Times17 May 2015
Kanhar project: NGT lets work on continue, stays new construction | Business Standard08 May 2015
Kanhar Irrigation Project: A lot invested, can’t stop work now, says NGT | Indian Express08 May 2015
[PR] Stopping Construction of (Kanhar) Dam will neither serve interest of ecology nor public purpose says NGT07 May 2015
Photographs Kanhar Dam Protest & Related Videos - after Kavita Krishnan Fact Finding Team25 April 2015
On Ambedkar Jayanti, Dalit’s protests in UP turn police firing zone | The News Minute17 April 2015
India: police shoot eight indigenous protestors against illegal dam | The Ecologist15 April 2015
Uttar Pradesh police opens fire on anti-Kanhar dam protestors | Down-To-Earth15 April 2015
Kanhar Update: Government failed to Produce Forest Clearance of Kanhar Dam16 March 2015
Kanhar Dam: Delaying tactics by MOEFCC and State of U.P. in order to create fait accompli 04 March 2015