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The Environment Clearance granted to the Thermal Power Plant was challenged by Vindhya Bachao members Debadityo Sinha (environmentalist), Shiva Kumar Upadhyaya (journalist) and Mukesh Kumar (student of Banaras Hindu University) in National Green Tribunal, New Delhi. The matter was reserved for judgment on 5th April, 2016. For latest orders kindly visit

Representations by Vindhya Bachao


  1. Representation to Principal Chief Conservator of Forests-Uttar Pradesh regarding Forest Clearance dated 8th April, 2016 Click Here  blinking new
  2. Representation to Secretary, Ministry of Environment and Forests dated 29th April, 2014. Click Here 
  3. Representation to Vice Chancellor, BHU demanding probe into the 'meeting held between few faculty members of BHU and the project propnent dated 8th March, 2014 and 10th March, 2014. Click to download i) Main Letter  ii) Annexure A  iii) Annexure B   iv) Annexure C
  4. Vindhya Bachao's Representation to Expert Appraisal Committee, Ministry of Enviornment and Forests dated 9th March, 2014 with pointwise comments on response submitted by Welspun Energy U.P. Pvt. Ltd. Click Here
  5. Representation to Vice Chancellor, Banaras Hindu University, dated 20th February, 2014 Click Here
  6. Representation to Expert Appraisal Commitee vide Email dated 15.12.2013
  7. Representation to Expert Appraisal Commitee vide Email dated 15.11.2013
  8. Representation to Expert Appraisal Commitee vide Email dated 17.09.2013


Publications by Vindhya Bachao


  1. Geospatial Technology In Environmental Impact Assessments – Retrospective by Dr. Laxmi Goparaju, Present Environment and Sustainable Development, October, 2015 Full Paper
  2. Site Inspection Report dated 15.09.2013, Updated 12th November, 2013 Full Report
  3. Analysis on Water related issues of Welspun's Mirzapur Thermal Power Plant, published in SANDRP, March, 2013 Click Here


Representations by Banaras Hindu University


  1. Banaras Hindu University's Representation to MoEF, dated 18th September, 2013 Click Here
  2. BHU Student's Petition: Signatures of 554 students of RGSC. Click Here


Submissions made by Welspun Energy


  1. Pointwise Reply to Vindhya Bachao Report by Welspun -Received 15th February, 2014 (1.4 MB)

  2. Full EIA Report by J.M. Environet Pvt. Ltd. (65 MB)  [Download from MoEF website]

  3. Public Hearing Document by project proponent (13 MB)  [Download from MoEF website]

  4. Questionnaire for Environmental Appraisal by J.M. Environet Pvt. Ltd. (25 MB)  [Download from MoEF website]

  5. Area Drainage Study by WAPCOS (339 KB[Download from MoEF website]

  6. Need Assessment Study by project proponent (3.81 MB)  [Download from MoEF website]

  7. Final Executive Summary (934 KB)  [Download from MoEF website]

  8. MoEF Clarifications (based on reply by Welspun dated 24th April, 2013)- 

    Clarifications related to EAC
    Water Related
    Coal Supply Related
    Power Purchase Agreement
    MoU with Dhamra Port
    Details of Land Records
    Complains against Company and clarifications
    Cases related to Electricity Regulatory Commission
    Railways Clearance Related

  9. Reply to MoEF Clarification dated 11th February, 2014


Clearances Granted by Central Government

  1. Final Environment Clearance granted by Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change dated 21.08.2014. Click Here
  2. Clearance Letter from Central Water Commission dated 12.10.2011 (84 KB)


Minutes of Expert Appraisal Commitee-MoEF


1. EAC Meeting- March, 2013  [Download from MoEF website]

2. EAC Meeting- November, 2013  [Download from MoEF website]

3. EAC Meeting- March, 2014  [Download from MoEF website]


Tweets from @vindhyabachao

About the Project

Mirzapur Thermal Power Project is proposed in village Dadri Khurd of District Mirzapur in Indian state Uttar Pradesh. Welspun Energy (U.P.) Pvt Ltd is the proponent of the project which plans to develop 2 x 660 MW coal based thermal power units. The project received environmental clearance in August 2014 which was challenged subsequently by members of Vindhya Bachao in October, 2014.


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