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Climate Change impact is not only limited to polar bears and coastal regions. It is now a global phenomenon affecting lives, health, food and environment like never before. Much of the precursors of climate change is the growing energy demand and increased dependence on coal and other fossil fuels to meet the immediate need. The commercial psychology sees it as alluring business while government eyes higher GDP from increased investments. But, the truth is that Energy from coal is highly ‘Unsustainable’ and create cascade of impacts on global carbon balance and hydrological cycle. To know more how coal affects you, click here.

India, being a developing country, the energy demand is soaring high. The quick development agenda eyeing temporary solutions like coal based energy is not only unsustainable because of limited fossils and shrinking water resources-but it is also creating a great disparity in our social life. To power the urban area and lighting the air conditioner in your home-somewhere a house is being burned, people displaced, fertile agricultural lands encroached, pristine dense forests are felled and great destruction of wildlife habitat is happening which is causing irrepairable environment and health damage to the nation.

Vindhya Bachao works closely with rural & tribal communities, activism groups and youth sensitizaton groups to help the people from becoming ‘Environment Orphans’ and get them justice with help of litigations, policy interventions and representations to government. Vindhya Bachao is also member of 'Global Call for Climate Action.'

Vindhya Bachao’s members has recently challenged ‘Environment Clearance’ granted by Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (Govt. Of India) to a 1320 MW imported coal based thermal power plant proposed in between Mirzapur Forests. The litigation filed in ‘National Green Tribunal’ was the final step after years long campaign against the project which have seen huge mobilization of farmers and students of a top most University of the country.

One can access the Resource Page on the Project where we have uploaded every possible information related to the project including our representations and reports.

There are few more similar cases were we are closely helping the communities get environment justice to ensure that the benefits of development is equitable, sustainable and according to law.

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Established in the year 2012, Vindhyan Ecology & Natural History Foundation is a research based voluntary organization working for protection of nature and nature dependent people in Mirzapur region of Uttar Pradesh.

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