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Networking Organizations

We wish to show our deepest gratitude to the following organizations for their kind support to our initiatives:


Global Call for Climate Action The Global Call for Climate Action (GCCA) represents one of the world’s most diverse networks of nonprofit organizations working to mobilize civil society and galvanize public opinion in support of urgent climate action. GCCA Partners are working to create the rapid transformational change needed to avert catastrophic climate change through national and international policies, corporate commitments and individual actions.
Eco One- Banaras Hindu University The Eco One BHU is an environmental sensitization group developed by the students and faculty members of Rajiv Gandhi South Campus (RGSC), BHU.
EMFlogo Earth Matters Foundation (EMF) is a Non-Profit Organisation, based in Delhi and working towards conservation of natural resources, environment and wildlife conservation, education and awareness generation. EMF believes that through awareness, education and by providing solutions, especially among the youth, people can be inspired and motivated to take action and make change possible. Our programs and projects are aimed at building capacities and empowering people starting from the grass root level, to students, youth, rural communities, urban citizens and policy makers.
wwf WWF-India works with varied groups of individuals and institutions across different sections of society. These alliances strive to address the common goal of conserving biodiversity, sustainably using natural resources and maintaining ecosystems and ecosystem services for the survival of wildlife and people depending on them.
eko-energy EKOenergy is an international network of environmental organisations. We promote the use of sustainable electricity.


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