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Scientific Publications

TitlePublished Date
Research Publication- Soil and water conservation prioritization using geospatial technology09 October 2017
Research Publication-Geospatial Agroforestry Mapping to Enhance Livelihood and Reduce Poverty16 August 2017
Research Publication-Geospatial Technology in Urban Forest suitability: Analysis for Ranchi, Jharkhand26 July 2017
Research Publication-Wildlife habitat suitability analysis around Madihan forest, district Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh19 July 2017
Research Publication- Long Term Deforestation Assessment in Jharkhand state, India: A grid based Geospatial Approach17 July 2017
REPORT: Sloth Bears of Mirzapur- Assessment of Habitats, Man-Bear Conflict and Wildlife Corridors07 July 2017
Research Paper published on Geospatial Assessment of Forest Fires in Jharkhand02 July 2017
Research Paper published on Monitoring Mining Activities in Forest Areas using Geospatial Technology08 June 2017
Research Paper published on mapping Malaria epidemic using Geospatial tools28 May 2017
Research Paper published on Agroforestry suitability analysis based upon nutrient availability mapping28 May 2017
Research Paper Published on Spatio-temporal dynamics of Singrauli Mines06 May 2017
Research Paper Published on Land Use Land Cover Analysis of Ranchi25 April 2017
Research Paper Published on Natural Resource Mapping using LANDSAT, LIDAR and Google Maps01 April 2017
Research Paper on Analysis of Urban Sprawl Dynamics Using Geospatial Technology In Ranchi City, Jharkhand, India18 September 2016
Research Paper Published on Forest Cover Change in Mirzapur using Remote Sensing and GIS21 March 2016
Objections & Suggestions on Draft Notification for Kaimoor Wildlife Sanctuary Eco-sensitive Zone submitted to MOEFCC-Full Representation04 December 2015
Bird Watcher's Guide for Kaimoor Wildlife Division02 December 2015
Research Paper Published on How Welspun Energy Twiddled its Remote Sensing data for its Mirzapur Thermal Power Plant13 November 2015
Sloth Bear Habitat & Corridor (1st Survey) Map- Mirzapur15 August 2015
Comments on Draft Notification on Emission Standards for Coal Based Thermal Power Plants01 June 2015