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We are a voluntary organization working for the protection of critical ecosystems in Mirzapur region of Uttar Pradesh using scientific research, policy advocacy, and strategic litigation. To donate online click here

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Title Published Date
Research Publication- Analysis of Seasonal Precipitation, Potential Evapotranspiration, Aridity, Future Precipitation Anomaly and Major Crops at District Level of India 06 June 2019
Research Publication- An Analysis of Forest Fire and Climatic Parameters’ Trend Using Geospatial Technology: A Case Study in the State of Chhattisgarh, India 21 May 2019
Research Publication- Multicriteria Evaluation of Transport Plan for High-Speed Rail: An Application to Beijing-Xiongan 15 May 2019
Research Publication- Tree cover percent investigation with respect to geographical area, vegetation types, agro ecological regions and in agriculture landscape of India: a geospatial approach 21 March 2019
Research Publication- Forest Fire Trend and Influence of Climate Variability in India: A Geospatial Analysis at National and Local Scale 18 March 2019
Research Publication- Analysis of forest fire and climate variability using Geospatial Technology for the State of Telangana, India 15 March 2019
Research Publication- Analyzing the risk related to climate change attributes and their impact, a step towards climate-smart village (CSV): a geospatial approach to bring geoponics sustainability in India 12 March 2019
Research Publication- Geo-spatial perspective of vegetation health evaluation and climate change scenario in India 15 February 2019
Research Publication- Analysis of forest health and socioeconomic dimension in climate change scenario and its future impacts: remote sensing and GIS approach 18 January 2019
Research Publication- Evaluation of long term forest fires in India with respect to state administrative boundary, forest category of LULC and future climate change scenario: A Geospatial Perspective 09 January 2019
Research Publication- An evaluation of vegetation health and the socioeconomic dimension of the vulnerability of Jharkhand state of India in climate change scenarios and their likely impact: a geospatial approach 18 December 2018
Research Publication- Assessment of remote sensing and GIS application in identification of land suitability for agroforestry: A case study of Samastipur, Bihar, India 08 December 2018
Research Publication- Transportation Planning through GIS and Multicriteria Analysis: Case Study of Beijing and XiongAn 21 October 2018
Research Publication- Fire risk assessment along the climate, vegetation type variability over the part of Asian region: a geospatial approach 30 September 2018
Research Publication- Climate change and its impact on Forest Fire in the state of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand states of India: Remote Sensing and GIS Analysis 30 September 2018
Research Publication- Spatial analysis of Fire Characterization along with various gradients of Season, Administrative units, Vegetation, Socio economy, Topography and Future climate change: A case study of Orissa state of India 01 July 2018
Research Publication- A geospatial analysis of climate variability and its impact on forest fire: a case study in Orissa state of India 18 June 2018
Research Publication- Geospatial application for agroforestry suitability mapping based on FAO guideline: case study of Lohardaga, Jharkhand State of India 30 May 2018
Research Publication- Spatial Analysis of Wildlife Habitat around Madihan forests of Mirzapur district, Uttar Pradesh in India, using Geospatial Technology 24 May 2018
Research Publication- Agroforestry suitability mapping of India: geospatial approach based on FAO guidelines 12 May 2018

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