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NGT Proceedings in Welspun Energy's Mirzapur Thermal Power Plant

The follow are the latest orders in the case against Welspun Energy's Mirzapur Thermal Power Plant in the matter Debadityo Sinha & Ors V/s Union of India & Ors which was filed in October, 2014 before the Principal Bench, National Green Tribunal, New Delhi.


  1. Judgment dated 21st December, 2016 [View Judgmentblinking new

  2. Order dated 5th April, 2016 View Order  

  3. Order dated 4th April, 2016 View Order

  4. Order dated 2nd April, 2016 View Order

  5. Order dated 1st April, 2016 View Order

  6. Order dated 31st March, 2016 View Order  

  7. Order dated 30th March, 2016 View Order

  8. Order dated 29th March, 2016 View Order

  9. Order dated 28th March, 2016 View Order

  10. Order dated 23rd March, 2016 View Order

  11. Order dated 22nd March, 2016 View Order

  12. Order dated 21st March, 2016 View Order

  13. Order dated 18th March, 2016 View Order

  14. Order dated 17th March, 2016 View Order

  15. Order dated 16th March, 2016 View Order

  16. Order dated 14th March, 2016 View Order

  17. Order dated 11th March, 2016 View Order

  18. Order dated 10th March, 2016 View Order

  19. Order dated 9th March, 2016 View Order

  20. Order dated 8th March, 2016 View Order

  21. Order dated 7th March, 2016 View Order

  22. Order dated 22nd February, 2016 View Order

  23. Order dated 28th January, 2016 View Order

  24. Order dated 22nd January, 2016 View Order

  25. Order dated 23rd December, 2015 View Order

  26. Order dated 9th December, 2015 View Order

  27. Order dated 16th October, 2015 View Order

  28. Order dated 7th October, 2015 View Order

  29. Order dated 24th September, 2015 View Order

  30. Order dated 8th September, 2015 View Order

  31. Order dated 25th August, 2015 View Order

  32. Order dated 18th August, 2015 View Order

  33. Order dated 14th July, 2015 View Order

  34. Order dated 9th July, 2015 View Order

  35. Order dated 18th May, 2015 View Order

  36. Order dated 6th May, 2015 View Order

  37. Order dated 6th April, 2015 View Order

  38. Order dated 16th March, 2015 View Order

  39. Order dated 18th February, 2015 View Order 

  40. Order dated 13th January, 2015 View Order 

  41. Order dated 2nd December, 2014. View Order

  42. Issues notice on 21st October, 2014 in Debadityo Sinha & Ors Vs Union of india & Ors.  For order Click herePress Release

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