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Welspun Energy

Title Published Date
मोदी सरकार को तगड़ा झटका, अडानी का भारी नुकसान | Patrika 22 December 2016
Vindhya Bachao's letter to Forest Department-U.P. highlighting how Welspun Energy misleading the authority on Forest Clearance 15 April 2016
Welspun’s Thermal Power Project (Mirzapur) is reserved for judgment in NGT! Vindhya Bachao readies to take on Karchhana Thermal Power (Allahabad) 07 April 2016
India faces contradiction between drive to industrialize, and need to address severe negative impacts of coal energy | Counterview 25 December 2015
International Human Rights Report Highlights Welspun Energy's Mirzapur Thermal Power Plant and Vindhya Bachao's Efforts 24 December 2015
NGT Proceedings in Welspun Energy's Mirzapur Thermal Power Plant 21 December 2015
Research Paper Published on How Welspun Energy Twiddled its Remote Sensing data for its Mirzapur Thermal Power Plant 13 November 2015
The Matter of Welspun Energy Reaches Green Tribunal | Hindustan 06 November 2014
NGT issues notice to Centre, State and Welspun Energy on the Clearance granted to company's controversial 1320 MW Thermal Power Station in Mirzapur 21 October 2014
Power Play at a Thermal Power Plant in Mirzapur | EJOLT 27 August 2014
Mirzapur Coal Based Thermal Power Plant-Resource Page 22 December 2013
Our Observation of EAC Meeting in March, 2013 Reg. Mirzapur Thermal Power Plant of Welspun Energy 22 December 2013
Vindhya Bachao's Representation to MoEF- September 2013 22 December 2013
DTE: Did Welspun fudge facts for its coal-fired power plant in Mirzapur? 21 November 2013
Peaceful Demonstration against Welspun Thermal Power Project in Delhi 18 November 2013
नैकरी के बहाने अपना उल्लू सीधा कर रहा है वेलस्पन | Chauthi Duniya 30 October 2013
थर्मल पावर प्लांट को नहीं मिली मंजूरी | Jansandesh Times 03 June 2013

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