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    भटक कर आया हिरन-दैनिक जागरण06 December 2017
    गांव में पहुंचा हिरन का बच्चा कुत्तों ने किया हमला- अमर उजाला05 December 2017
    भैंसोड़ बलाय पहाड़ गांव में तेंदुए की दस्तक - दैनिक जागरण 27 November 2017
    बारासिंघा देख मचा हड़कंप- दैनिक जागरण 25 November 2017
    NGT junks plea against ESZ around Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary | PTI17 October 2017
    NGT refuses to admit petition challenging 1 km ecosensitive zone of Kaimoor Wildlife Sanctuary in UP, approves the MoEFCC decision12 October 2017
    वन्यजीव सप्ताह विशेष- भारत में विलुप्तप्राय 'कैरकल' उर्फ़ 'शियागोश'03 October 2017
    Understanding the Indian Sloth Bear01 September 2017
    मगर गोह का शिकार कर रहे तीन बंदी- अमर उजाला 17 August 2017
    मीरजापुर में सड़क पर टहल रहा बड़ा अजगर- दैनिक जागरण 25 July 2017
    REPORT: Sloth Bears of Mirzapur- Assessment of Habitats, Man-Bear Conflict and Wildlife Corridors07 July 2017
    भालू से हो जाए सामना तो इन बातों का रखें ध्यान13 May 2017
    Environment Ministry Notifies Eco-sensitive Zone of Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary, Suggestions of Vindhya Bachao Not Considered24 March 2017
    Tiger spotted in Marihan range of Mirzapur, trying to besiege it 2 men got injured18 March 2017
    The zoo in the farmhouse | Live Mint24 February 2017
    Will You Be My Valentine?14 February 2017
    Tribal injured by Sloth Bear in Songadha forests of Drammadganj range04 February 2017
    UPDATE: The 6th Cat Rescued in Mirzapur may be African Cat-SERVAL!11 January 2017
    Vindhya Bachao Exclusive: Are the Wild Cats Caught in Mirzapur Rare Species CARACAL?08 January 2017
    Representation to Forest & Wildlife Department to reject Forest Clearance of Mirzapur Thermal Power Plant27 December 2016

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